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info@borgopignano.com +39 0588 35032 Loc. Pignano, 6 - 56048 Volterra Pisa, Italy

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info@borgopignano.com +39 0588 35032 Loc. Pignano, 6 56048 Volterra Pisa, Italy

Villa Pignano
Michelin Green Star

Our Michelin-star restaurant is Villa Pignano which features a refined and innovative menu.

The gastronomic restaurant Villa Pignano has a refined and innovative menu. The dishes are approachable and include Chef Cavallini’s contemporary and lighter interpretations of traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Most of our meats come from nearby and our seafood is delivered several times a week fresh off the boats that ply the waters between Tuscany and Corsica.

All desserts and chocolates are made in the pastry kitchen.

Dinner can be eaten in the Villa’s dining room – recently expanded to include a charming, enclosed gazebo or outdoors on the terraces.

Opening Hours
April, May, September and October

Open every day
Lunch: 12:30-14:30
Dinner: 19:30-22:00

June, July, August

Closed Thurday and Sunday
Lunch: closed
Dinner: 19:30-22:00


Signature dishes

For hundreds of years, as Italians tilled the fields and engaged in heavy, household work in the era before modern appliances, they counted on large servings of food loaded with calories. 
The Italian diet has gradually adapted to changing times. Long, three course, office lunches are distant memories as are heavy meals.

Borgo Pignano’s  Michelin star award-winning chef, Stefano Cavallini, has distilled the flavors and tastes long associated with Italy, into a lighter approach.

Estate’s Vegetable Garden on the plate, vincotto dressing
Hamberjack Carpaccio and pizzaiola sauce
Seabass Cappellacci, black cabbage sauce and mushrooms
Almonds and Apricots
Duck with figs sauce and armagnac
Risotto with cicory, goat’s cheese and red prawns
Farm to table

At Borgo Pignano natural and sustainable agricultural growing methods improve the structure of the soil and increase the vitality of the farm, orchards, olive groves, vineyard and vegetable gardens.

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