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Календарь событий

  • Из28.07.2018
  • В28.07.2018

Andrea Bocelli 'Teatro del Silenzio'

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  • Из05.07.2018
  • В05.07.2018

Quadro Nuevo world music

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  • Из17.07.2018
  • В17.07.2018

Letizia Michielon

The talented multi-awarded Venetian interpreter will present a preview of the QUERCETO INTERNATIONAL PIANOFESTIVAL, with a selection of symphonies by Beethoven and Chopin

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  • Из07.08.2018
  • В07.08.2018

Ruben Peloni Trio Concerto di Tango argentino

Strong of their experience as interpreters in international companies, taking advantage of contemporary dance, classical dance and the latest creations of Argentine tango and its contemporary evolution, they develop their own choreographic language. For them, listening to the movement, the breath, the emotion, the mixing of forms between traditions and new writings are fundamental.

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  • Из15.08.2018
  • В15.08.2018

Chiara Mattioli & Fabrizio Corrucci concerto lirico

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  • Из28.08.2018
  • В28.08.2018

Pierre Fouchenneret violino - Romain Descharmes pianoforte

The duo Pierre Fouchenneret and Romain Descharmes present Chambermusic Recital, with Music by Evard Grieg, Guillaume Lekeu. Nobody who ever heard them would want to give up this musical rendezvous.

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