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info@borgopignano.com +39 0588 35032 Loc. Pignano, 6 - 56048 Volterra Pisa, Italy

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info@borgopignano.com +39 0588 35032 Loc. Pignano, 6 56048 Volterra Pisa, Italy


Borgo Pignano offers a heart-stopping location for weddings.

During the past decade, as the sun begins to set above the Tuscan hills, several guests have gone down on bended knee on a cozy terrace above the roof of Borgo Pignano’s eighteenth century villa, to propose to the person they hope will become their life’s companion.

That same conjugal impulse has attracted discerning couples from all over the world to hold their weddings in Borgo Pignano. As it has for centuries, the estate’s Romanesque parish church, San Bartolomeo still rings its bells for weddings and celebrations. 

A Borgo Pignano wedding can offer pre-and post-wedding activities available for all guests. Spa treatments, wine-tasting, cooking lessons, yoga classes and horseback riding can all be arranged. Borgo Pignano has an atmosphere of restrained elegance, and friendly, unobtrusive service. 

We have in-house wedding experts who can manage all your arrangements and Borgo Pignano offers numerous locations in which celebrations can take place, such as: the belvedere terrace, drawing room, art gallery, historic ballroom, secluded woodland setting, frescoed library, banqueting hall, historic courtyard or the steps of Borgo Pignano’s church. Wedding photographers have oodles of backdrops and textures from which to work. 

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Spaces & facilities

The romantic atmosphere at Borgo Pignano flows throughout the grand 18th century villa, immaculate gardens and estate.

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Almost every room and wall in Borgo Pignano holds a painting or drawing made by artists with a connection to Tuscany or Borgo Pignano itself.

Some of the works are by well-known modern and contemporary British artists while many have been made during residences by students and alumni of The Royal Drawing School, established by King Charles III. 

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