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STEAM & RELAXATION AREA - 40€ per person; 1H30

Enjoy the benefits of our sauna and steam bath or relax with a herbal tea in the privacy of the elegant spa lounge. Indulge in the unique atmosphere of Borgo Pignano’s medieval well-house.
Entrance to the Spa is subject to availability. To ensure total relaxation, use of the Spa is limited to a small number of guests at a time.


Relax, rejuvenate and revive with a deeply calming massage. Choose from one of our therapies which include natural essences and take a peaceful moment to relax in the beautiful surroundings of our spa.

RELAXING PIGNANO MASSAGE - 110€ per person 0H50; 140€ per person 1H20

A deeply relaxing and soothing massage using natural oils and herbs, promotes a sense of overall harmony and wellbeing.

CANDLE MASSAGE - 120€ per person 0H50; 150€ per person 1H20

A pampering massage using a warm butter rich, naturally scented candle which gently nourishes the skin and energises the body.

ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE - 120€ per person 0H50; 150€ per person 1H20

Enjoy a sense of deep relaxation of both the body and mind. This reviving massage improves the blood and lymphatic circulation promoting well-being and health. 

FOCUS BACK MASSAGE - 80€ per person 0H30; 100€ per person 0H50

A deep massage concentrating on the back, neck and shoulders. Improves relaxation of muscles throughout the body. A deeply calming stress-relieving experience.

EXFOLIATING MASSAGE - 100€ per person 0H50

A cleansing body massage that brightens and rejuvenates the skin with an intense and nourishing exfoliation.


Pignano’s facial treatments have been created using natural ingredient designed to restore and revive the skin.

DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL - 80€ per person 0H50

This treatment eliminates impurities and refines the skin’s texture and appearance.

HYDRA COMFORT TREATMENT - 95€ per person 0H50

A deeply moisturising treatment for tired skin, restores equilibrium and creates a visual radiance.

ANTI-AGING TREATMENT - 110€ per person 0H50

For more mature skin, enjoy an immediate ‘lifting effect’. This treatment helps tone the skin and gently softens the signs of aging.


Indulge in a treatment that combines different techniques to revive and relax the tiredest of skins.

A unique anti-aging treatment using gentle massaging of the face, creates a sense of overall well-being. A fusion of therapies, Pignano’s unique facial tones the skin, smooths facial lines and improves natural radiance with two face masks.


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