Permaculture in Italy

The sustainable infrastructure at Borgo Pignano provides the backbone for all our activities. The Villa, farmhouses and apartments have all been restored and decorated using environmentally friendly products and materials such as locally sourced stone and reclaimed slate, organic plasters and eco-paints.

Wherever possible, we protect and support our natural environment and use both innovative and traditional farming techniques. We are actively improving the soil conditions and decreasing the need for irrigation.  We have successfully experimented with swales, a natural system for retaining rainwater and preventing soil erosion – the first time this has been done in Tuscany.

The heating and hot water systems within the Villa are fueled by solar panels and wood-fired boilers which are fed by wood harvested from the estate’s forests. Pignano’s gardens are fed with filtered harvested rainwater, while natural and manmade lakes supply irrigation for the farmland and other areas of the estate.


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