Borgo Pignano, estate in Tuscany - Seasonal Art Exhibitions

Autumn 2016 – Spring 2017


The ancient terrain surrounding Pignano pays testament to the deep-rooted philosophy that ‘everything comes from the land’ and this message is beautifully depicted within the Vitalità art exhibition now hosted within Pignano’s gallery space. Here you will find a unique and harmonious fusion of inspiring works by painter Olga Niescier and sculptor Andrea Roggi.

Vitalità is an evolving project founded on the ardent and vivid artistic dialogue and friendship between Olga and Andrea whose creative visions subtly and profoundly complement each other, as each explores the vital energies which permeate and inform our human experience.

By the means of the antique lost wax technique, Andrea Roggi creates figures captured in movement, arresting the vital energy of the moment to fix for all time. His passion and consummate technical mastery transform bronze into a material that evokes a lightness and an airiness in works of art that are both supremely dynamic and open. Love, Nature and Knowledge twine throughout his work in the search for the essential forces of Life, the immense Vitality at the heart of all forms of life and at the heart of all of us.

Olga Niescier’s painting moves fluently between the figurative and the abstract, avowing and vouchsafing the vibrant forces of nature which she renders three-dimensionally by the masterly use of mixed techniques based on acrylic colour enriched with inks and pastels and incorporating laser engravings.  Canvases richly vibrant in layered textures emerge by way of this original expressive language as Niescier explores the depths of life energies, the Vitality that penetrates the dense structures of grasses, fields and trees just as in our human emotions. 

The unfolding discourse of their work unites the two artists in an inspiring exchange of energy and Vitality.



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