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info@borgopignano.com +39 0588 35032 Loc. Pignano, 6 - 56048 Volterra Pisa, Italy

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info@borgopignano.com +39 0588 35032 Loc. Pignano, 6 56048 Volterra Pisa, Italy

Living with nature

Streams, ponds and lakes help irrigate Borgo Pignano’s fields, vegetable gardens, orchards, olive groves and vineyard.

Our grain and cereals, which are grown from ancient seed varietals, are used to make our breads and pastas. The large kitchen garden produces a wide variety of ingredients for the dishes in our restaurants and we take pleasure from the close ties between earth and plate.

We produce traditional organic food, honeys and preserves, as well as a delicious cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil.

Our vineyard provides the grapes for our red, white, rose and sparkling varietals all of which are made on the property. 

The fragrances and flavors of the countryside infuse everything: flowers from the gardens are displayed in arrangements throughout the villa, farmhouses and apartments; seasonal menus are composed of vegetables and fruits picked at their ripest; bathrooms stock toiletries made from plants and flowers grown on the estate; and, in winter, open fireplaces glow with timber harvested from the surrounding woodlands.

Two nature reserves, teeming with local flora and fauna, border Borgo Pignano’s land.


Borgo Pignano’s sustainable infrastructure is the backbone of all our activities.

All the renovations have been performed using environmentally friendly products and materials such as locally sourced stone and reclaimed slate, organic plasters and eco-paints.


Our farm

The land cultivated around Borgo Pignano supplies a high proportion of the ingredients used in our kitchens and by the makers of our cosmetic products.

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