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Pignano Summer Concert

  • Validity from13 June 2019
  • Until13 June 2019

Café del Mundo, duo di chitarra, flamenco

Borgo Pignano, Piazza di Borgo Pignano


The duo embody the essence of a musical genre which combines opposites like no other does: authentic and timeless, dreamy and unrestrained, down-to-earth and mystic.

In between life and death the flamenco resounds. Two gifted instrumental artists declaring their love for pure and genuine music

Pignano Summer Concerts 2019 in Tuscany | Borgo Pignano - _photo 1
  • Validity from05 July 2019
  • Until05 July 2019

Gwen Sampé & David Sandes, voce, pianoforte, jazz

Borgo Pignano, Piazza di Borgo Pignano


Gwen Sampé is a jazz singer for whom the art of improvising is an integral and indispensable part of her musical soundscape. Her artistic background is rich and diverse.

David Sandes studied classical piano in Arnhem and composing/arranging for jazzorchestra in Rotterdam. He worked with internationally renowed dancers and jazz musicians. Furthermore David wrote two novels that have been nominated for le prix du premier roman étranger, and le prix Européen de littérature 2011.

Pignano Summer Concerts 2019 in Tuscany | Borgo Pignano - _photo 2
  • Validity from10 July 2019
  • Until10 July 2019

Amsterdam Concert, chamber music

Borgo Pignano, Corte di Villa Pignano

The Amsterdam Consort is a Dutch music ensemble and performs regularly on special locations. Programs also include remarkable, little-known works, some of which are only available in manuscript and have never been published. 

Pignano Summer Concerts 2019 in Tuscany | Borgo Pignano - _photo 3
  • Validity from06 August 2019
  • Until06 August 2019

Piazza Tango, trio di tango argentino con coppia di danzatori

Borgo Pignano, Scalinata della Chiesa


Piazza Tango is a group Piazza Tango is a group offering a real Tango universe that transforms music and dance by associating a constant dialogue with a video and the public space. This intimate, mobile and autonomous form makes it possible to create a scenic space at the detour of a square, a park, an unusual place.

Exceptional musicians and a couple of dancers of great charm are the real protagonists

Pignano Summer Concerts 2019 in Tuscany | Borgo Pignano - _photo 4
  • Validity from15 August 2019
  • Until15 August 2019

Ruben Peloni Trio Concerto di Tango argentino

Borgo Pignano, Piazza di Borgo Pignano


The project is based on a mainly sung and at the same time danceable repertoire. Basically stylistically anchored to the tango of the Guardia Vieja, it also ranges from the classics of Gardel (Malevaje, Taconeando) to the successes of the 40s (the Epoca de oro del Tango).

Pignano Summer Concerts 2019 in Tuscany | Borgo Pignano - _photo 5

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