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info@borgopignano.com +39 0588 35032 Loc. Pignano, 6 - 56048 Volterra Pisa, Italy

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info@borgopignano.com +39 0588 35032 Loc. Pignano, 6 56048 Volterra Pisa, Italy


Borgo Pignano offers a choice of restaurants that match appetite and desire with time of day.

Everything begins with the land – the source for as many ingredients as we can muster. Our wheat and barley, reared from antique seedstocks, give us the grains for our daily breads and pasta. Chickpeas, lentils, and spelt offer the kitchen staff other stocks from which they can improvise.

The Valdarno chickens that roam among the olives provide free-range eggs; our Cinta Sensese pigs yield aged prosciuttos, our bees spend the summer months buzzing about their hives from which we extract honey, and the olive groves and vineyard generate our oils and wine. 

Breakfasts are made for lingering, and lunch and dinner are served at times that suit everyone – irrespective of whether their dining routines were fostered by Southern European customs.

One presence hovers over everything – our Michelin starred chef, Stefano Cavallini. He was recently awarded his first Green Michelin Star – an accolade held by fewer than 300 chefs in the world.

The Green Star is presented to restaurants that adhere to strict environmental standards, use locally supplied products, eliminate waste and favor suppliers who use recyclable packaging materials.

Villa Pignano
Michelin Green Star

Our Michelin-star restaurant is Villa Pignano which features a refined and innovative menu.


Al Fresco Restaurant

During the summer our Al Fresco Restaurant offers an informal, relaxed dining experience much loved by children fond of fresh pizza and heaped servings of pasta. 


Kitchen Community Table

During the spring and fall and, when requested for special occasions during the summer, we operate a Chef’s table in the original kitchen.

Farm to table

At Borgo Pignano natural and sustainable agricultural growing methods improve the structure of the soil and increase the vitality of the farm, orchards, olive groves, vineyard and vegetable gardens.

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