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The freshest local and organic ingredients from our farms

In a society where time is of the essence and moments of relaxation few and far between, we ensure that your dining experience at Borgo Pignano is filled with a sense of natural abundance and wellbeing.

Gathered from our large vegetable garden and organic farm, each ingredient is treated with the utmost respect.  From the flour we grind in our mill to our organic bees who produce our honey. Pignano’s free-range pigs and hens provide eggs and meat for our restaurant, and each homegrown ingredient is handpicked when at its most delicious. From lazy breakfasts to gourmet dinners, at Pignano you can enjoy excellent service in the most elegant and inspiring of settings.

Everything starts from our home-grown or locally sourced raw materials. In the Bakery, breads are produced with sourdough, while pastries and fresh pasta come from a fine selection of ancient wheat flours. Our culinary creations work in harmony with the seasons and by what the land offers, day by day. 

Our creative approach to food can be enjoyed in to two different dining experiences.


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